Athletic Signings

Writers: Jonah Glenn and Mat Fluker Editor: Mat Fluker

Wednesday, November 13th began the first of many collegiate signings for some of the nation’s finest athletes. Many of the top prospects declared their commitment to a college, eager to make an impact as they did on the high school level. This exclusive group included a few of Riverwood’s top tier student-athletes. This group included: Chase Engelhard – Tulane University (Baseball), Jason Miller – East Georgia State College (Baseball), Josh Peljovich – Colby College (Baseball), Davis Esslinger – Lafayette College (Tennis), Jadaja Baxter – University of South Florida – (Track), Kaylah Jackson – Austin Peay – (Volleyball). The excited signees were applauded by the full RICS auditorium at 9:00 am on Wednesday, November 13, as they were individually called up on stage.

On the stage, after applause ceased, they greeted Athletic Director Mike Mezzio and from there were asked questions about their high school experience and college hopes. Questions like: What will you be majoring in? Or what was your favorite high school sports moment? The athletes answered with ease and upon further applause from the crowd, they walked across the stage and into a new chapter of their young careers. Congratulations to all of the athletes!

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