Languages At Riverwood

By AJ Powell

How Linguistically Diverse is Riverwood?

Riverwood takes pride in its International Baccalaureate programs which allow students to broaden their education “through intercultural understanding and respect” that our school strives to instill in its students. Naturally, one of the primary tenets of intercultural understanding comes through the teaching of foreign languages. Riverwood administers 5 language classes, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and ASL. It also offers the opportunity to take German and Latin within online courses. For a school that offers this many opportunities for cultural insight, one could reasonably ask the question “How many languages are represented at Riverwood in total?”. Of course, English and Spanish are very prominent, but what about the dozens of other major languages that are spoken throughout the world? As a result of hearing some of these languages offhand from being in the county for several years as well as asking around, I found a total of 17 languages that are spoken by the students and staff of our IB school, though it is not an exhaustive list. This map puts into perspective the extent to which different cultures are represented at Riverwood and serves as a more direct representation of our diversity as a school. 

Language breakdown by family/region:
Germanic: English, German, Danish
Romance: Spanish, French, Italian
Slavic: Russian, Polish, Bosnian
Semitic: Arabic, Hebrew
East Asian: Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese
Other: Persian, Hindi, Tamil, Albanian

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