Metro Swim Meet


Many teams from Fulton County came to participate in the Metro Swim qualifying meet. The meet occurred on Saturday, January 18 in the early morning with warm ups starting at 7:45. The meet took place at the private school, Westminster, in their beautiful facility. Students were able to swim their desired events, such as the 4×50 relay and freestyle to attempt to reach their goals of making state and dropping time. In addition, this swim meet is one of the last meets that students are able to swim in before States, which is another qualifying meet with certain time cuts for an individual to be able to participate. The Metro Meet is a “prelims” and finals meet, meaning that a  swimmer has to qualify in the top 20 to swim later in the day for finals. The meet offers an A and B final, so the placements of 10-20 go to the B final while the top 10 swim in the A. After a very long 3 hour prelims portion of the meet, students got to go home or to get lunch. Then, the people who made finals came back at 5:45 pm for warm ups. However, everyone who came to the meet was encouraged to stay to cheer on their friends. The pool was definitely cold but refreshing at the same time. The Riverwood swimmers did an amazing job, not only were there many personal bests, but also some people made state. Macy Rose and Kayla Hodges swam their best in the 100 freestyle resulting in them both making state. Also, TJ Shannon swam a great race in the 100 fly and placed in the A final. Tj Shannon and Trevor Arndt were asked a series of questions pertaining to the meet. Tj replied to, how he thought the team did and if he does anything to psych his competitors out, in a very positive way, “we did pretty well, we got third overall in the 4×50 relay… I want to beat them (competitors) at their best.” Trevor had a more humorous approach to answering the questions, “motivating myself to try is very physically exerting, it takes a lot from you… I shake my arms out and I slap myself to get the blood flowing. I love the rush of adrenaline provided by my vicious slapping.” Another question from these two swimmers is if they listen to any music to get them hyped up before a swim. Trevor answers by saying, “I listen to Yummy by Justin Bieber.” Tj enjoys listening to xxxtentacion to get ready for a race. In conclusion, we as a team placed 6th for the boys and 7th for the girls out of 32 teams.

(On the left it is Piero Maddaleni, next to him is Sasha Wildstein, then Nina Ouellette, and on the right is Jaden Manuel– taken by Kara Schwartz)

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