By Lauren Cohn

On January 20th, our country celebrated MLK Day to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. While some may have only noticed the holiday because of the much-needed day off from school, many others joined together in a day of service to give back and remember his lasting impact. 

Riverwood’s Community Service Club partnered with The City Springs to host and volunteer at an event aimed at educating the youth of Sandy Springs through fun crafts and interesting discussions, called Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art and Film Festival. The stations at the event focused on different aspects of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, including his childhood and career, and a movie about his life played in the background to offer additional information. The Art and Film Festival’s stations were led by Riverwood students whose passion to give back resulted in a very successful day of service.

The children were ecstatic to fill their paper bags with MLK’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, create puzzles using photographs, and draw out their own deepest goals. These stations and more brought in great crowds, and the excitement in the air only became more apparent as the day went on.

Riverwood students had a great time volunteering and teaching others about the legacy of this African American activist who revolutionized our country and brought about changes that still impact our lives to this day.

Photos by: Blakeslee

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