By Emily Taylor

Attention Riverwood! It’s that time of year again… SADIE! If you are new to Riverwood or have never been to Sadie before, trust us, you don’t want to miss it! The theme for this year’s Sadie Hawkins Dance is Riverwood Glows Crazy, presented by the class of 2022. Prepare for an exciting night filled with all your favorite songs, peers, and of course, the dancing. Mark your calendars because Sadie is on leap day this year, Saturday, February 29th. If you are thinking about asking someone, we encourage you to take a picture of your “ask” and send it over to the Riverwood Sadie Instagram @ricssadie20 for a chance to be featured. New to Riverwood this year, the National Art Honors Society will be offering a quick online form open to everyone to help you with your poster ask needs. Sadie ask posters can be extremely time consuming and even challenging, but NAHS is here to help. Buy a personalized sign, and all proceeds will go to Team Summer, a charity that supports kids with cancer. Team Summer was started by a former Riverwood student, Summer Dale, who lost her fight with cancer back in 2012 at the age of 16. Raiders, let’s work together and donate towards this fantastic cause while producing some beautiful posters. Thank you, National Art Honors Society. Fill out the form and email NAHS president Gabriela Jones at if you have any questions or concerns. Sadie is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night and get into the Riverwood spirit. Hope to see you there, Raiders.

(Sadie 2020 Logo, Designed by Anna Edmondson, Devon Green, Hannah Levy, and Emily Taylor.)

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