10 Things to do in Quarantine!

By Dani Barnard

  1. Go outside ☼

Just because we have to stay home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fresh air! Appreciate the sun shine when you can. Walk your dog, cat, guinea pig, or whatever animal you can. Play with chalk and create a masterpiece. Or soak up the sun, but protect your skin and wear sunscreen!

  1. Have a zoom party with your friends

Zoom is super easy and free. You can talk to your friends using the video chat and can enjoy each other’s company from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Try new recipes

Your parents may be stocking up on lots of food and bringing in new things you’ve never seen. Why not experiment with them? There are so many fun recipes you can try that are online.

  1. Netflix Party

Watching movies alone can get boring. You can download Netflix Party – a chrome extension – onto your computer and chat with your friends while watching Netflix in sync!

  1. Start a book club with your friends

Another way to stay connected with your friends is by reading the same books. Amazon has so many amazing books for good deals that you and your friends can order right to your house. 

  1. Become an artist

You do not have to be artistic to do art. Art can be many different things. Learn a new instrument! Paint something! Dance, because why not!

  1. Be active!

It is important to have some type of structure in your day. Get up out of bed and find some way to be active. You can walk around your neighborhood, find a workout online, or dance in your room, whatever your heart desires.

  1. Make jewelry

It doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry, be creative and stimulate your brain without screens. Whether you have old friendship bracelet string or beads hiding in a box around your house, make something for yourself or people you love.

  1. Make a spotify playlist

Spotify is free and has tons of music! Making your own playlists allows you to listen to your favorite songs and discover new artists in the process. 

  1. Take time away from technology and enjoy people’s company

I know it can be tough to put down your phone and put your computer away but it’s so important to give our eyes and brains a break. With all of our work online, we are constantly looking at screens. Try to give yourself time away from technology and spend time with those you love.

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