How to have a safe (and fun) halloween!

Writer: Liza Miller

Hello all Halloween lovers! October 31st is approaching, and here are some absolutely terrifying costume ideas: You could be a vampire, a ghoul, or possibly a beheaded monster. Or… you could be the scariest of all, the terror that is haunting this upcoming holiday, Coronavirus. 

Oh, sorry, I actually don’t think you can be that, but you can certainly catch it! So how do we stay safe from this monster that’s making its way through every neighborhood on Halloween night?  

Well, I’ll let you in on some helpful secrets about this monster’s methods. Its invisible, so we can’t hear when its coming, and once it gets you, you’re pretty much doomed for the next few weeks. Ok, those probably weren’t so helpful. I advise you instead to take tips from the professionals: the CDC. They encourage mask wearing, social distancing, and remaining outside in open spaces. Luckily, Halloween is the time of year where mask wearing is socially accepted by all, no matter your stance on the virus. I say we look at the bright side of this virus and get a little creative with our mask wearing. I encourage you to see how well you can use your CDC certified mask to contribute to your costume as a whole. Decorating your mask is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit and add a fun touch to your costume.  

At Riverwood, I know many people love a good Halloween party. Music, food, costumes and more all contribute to an unforgettable Halloween night. With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, there are no limits to the fun in store! Well, except for the obvious one, a pandemic making its way around the world causing massive devastation. But, it doesn’t have to ruin anything! Let’s just all agree to keep these parties to 10 people or under. And hey, nothing compliments a crisp October night like an outdoor event. A fire pit, smores, carving pumpkins, and outdoor movies are all safe ideas to get in the spooky spirit while outside! Get creative with your friends and see who can have the scariest costume. No one’s going to want to come within 6 feet of you if  you’re covered in fake blood!  

If you prefer to observe the holiday from home, in sweats watching Halloween movies and eating your weight in candy, then I’ve got some tips for you as well. Try making little bags of candy that you can hand out to trick or treaters individually. This will help you avoid all the sticky hands touching to desperately get candy from a bowl. Ewww! A line that is around 6 feet from your doorway allows some space between others and yourself. There are many ways to get creative with a line. Maybe it marks the start of deathly lava? The entrance to a graveyard? Either way, you can be safe without losing any of the fun of Halloween night. Remember to stay safe Raiders, or else you’re in store for a visit from the Corona Monster! 

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