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Best Kobe Bryant Moments

By: Bradley Friedrich and Mat Fluker

Recently, former NBA star Kobe Bryant passed away in a tragic helicopter accident. Kobe provided us basketball fans with a plethora of memorable moments, so we ranked our top 10 favorite Kobe Bryant moments in his honor.

10. 1 on 1, to 100: He made his high school teammates play 1 on 1 with him to 100, instead of the typical 11 or 21, so Kobe could get as much practice as possible.

9. Kobe don’t Flinch: NBA player Matt Barnes attempted to make a fool out of Kobe by pretending to throw a basketball at his face from point blank range. Kobe, to Barnes’ surprise, did not flinch even a bit, leaving Barnes labeled as the fool and fans with one of the memorable moments of Kobe’s career.  

8. Left Handed Kobe: He hurt his right hand, and trained himself to shoot left handed so he could play. Later in his career in 2015, Kobe checked into a game and proceeded to shoot left handed in order to help his team win. 

7. Playing through pain: Kobe averaging 40 points per game in the month of March despite having a torn labrum

6. 62 points in 3 quarters: Kobe Scored 62 points in three quarters; the team he played against, the Dallas Mavericks, only scored 61 during that time. 

5. Kobe… TO SHAQ!: Alley Oop Game: In the win or go home game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference Finals, Kobe Bryant threw an iconic alley oop to teammate Shaquille O’neal, who promptly threw it down to go up by two scores on the Trail Blazers with 30 seconds left in the game, effectively sealing the series. 

4. “This was your fault”: Scored 61 points in Madison Square Garden after Spike Lee berated him, so he sent Lee the scorecard with his signature saying “This was your fault” 

3. Achilles game: Kobe Bryant got fouled, and tore his achilles.However, he proceeded to shoot, and make, both free throws and walk to the locker room on his own power before getting medical attention.

2. Kobe’s Final Game: In Kobe Bryant’s final NBA Game, he scored 60 points on 50 shots against the Utah Jazz, leading the Lakers to a win in a game that epitomizes Kobe Bryant and his play style.

1. 81: On January 22, 2006, Kobe Bryant scored a whopping 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. This is a Lakers’ team record for points in a game, and is the second most points anyone has scored in a single game in NBA history. 

Rest in peace Kobe, and thank you for everything you did for the game of basketball.

The Bachelor

By Liza Miller


It’s that time of year again: Bachelor Season! This season is full of competition, drama and love, all in the hopes of scoring Pilot Peter as a hubby. Out of 25 women, it seems America has already picked their favorites, so let’s review.

Kelley – Kelley claims she met Peter before the season started at a hotel during a wedding, and coincidently, the show kicks off its premiere at that same hotel. Kelley and Peter reenact their first meeting and Peter continues to explain his “special feeling” about her. 

Hannah Ann – At first, Hannah Ann was the obvious winner: pretty, outgoing and ruthless when it comes to stealing Peter away for time. Whether it’s painting a picture, walking the runway or stealing champagne, more on that later, Hannah Ann seems able to entice Peter every episode

Kelsey – As previously mentioned, Hannah Ann stole someone’s champagne, but whose? Kelsey’s! Kelsey couldn’t wait to share the bottle of champagne she brought all the way from her hometown of Des Moines with Peter. Come to find Hannah Ann has opened it with Peter, and Kelsey isn’t hesitant to share some pretty aggressive words with Hannah Ann. This was followed up with a good bathroom cry sesh. As the night goes on, Kelsey cools off and agrees to share a new bottle of champagne with Peter. It obviously isn’t Kelsey’s lucky day, as she continues to spill the champagne all over herself, creating the moment bachelor nation refers to as “champagne gate.”

Victoria P – Our first introduction to Victoria P was on the first group date – a little look into Pilot Pete’s profession which could ultimately result in Victoria winning a private flight with Peter himself. However, Victoria P stood out in the challenge as she recounted her traumatic childhood experience on the spinning tea cups when the girls were required to do a motion simulator. She remembers how nauseous the spinning ride made her feel as a child and got nervous as she did not want Peter seeing her in such an ill state. After a few runs on the flying simulator, Victoria P. was on her way to the bathroom with Peter close behind. Thanks to the producer’s editing skills and Victoria P’s weak stomach, this dramatized yet humorous moment went down as one of the highlights of the season so far.

Madison- Lucky contestant Madison Prewett got up close and personal when it comes to Peter’s strong family ties. Madison scored the first one on one date with Peter, and where does Pilot Pete take her? You guessed it! His parents wedding vow renewals. How romantic! Although, many are criticizing the act. Bachelor nation has pegged the date as too personal, too soon! Either way, Madison had fun dancing it out with Pilot Pete’s eccentric family.

These are just a few of the passionate contestants after Pilot Peter’s heart! Looks like there’s much more romance and drama to come!

UPDATE: This recap was just on the first few episodes, so don’t worry. Things have only gotten more complicated and intense as they travel all over South America from Costa Rica to Peru (looks like Pilot Pete’s skills are coming in handy)! 


By Lauren Cohn

On January 20th, our country celebrated MLK Day to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. While some may have only noticed the holiday because of the much-needed day off from school, many others joined together in a day of service to give back and remember his lasting impact. 

Riverwood’s Community Service Club partnered with The City Springs to host and volunteer at an event aimed at educating the youth of Sandy Springs through fun crafts and interesting discussions, called Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art and Film Festival. The stations at the event focused on different aspects of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, including his childhood and career, and a movie about his life played in the background to offer additional information. The Art and Film Festival’s stations were led by Riverwood students whose passion to give back resulted in a very successful day of service.

The children were ecstatic to fill their paper bags with MLK’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, create puzzles using photographs, and draw out their own deepest goals. These stations and more brought in great crowds, and the excitement in the air only became more apparent as the day went on.

Riverwood students had a great time volunteering and teaching others about the legacy of this African American activist who revolutionized our country and brought about changes that still impact our lives to this day.

Photos by: Blakeslee